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  • 10500 panda towel case set

Panda Shaped Case And Towel Set, 54 g, 2 items


Pretty panda and towel pair

Never be without a hand towel again with this handy towel and container set. Made for maximum convenience, this set includes a plastic panda carry case with handy strap and a soft mini green towel which rolls right up and fits inside. Keep in your purse or bag for whenever a towel is needed. Case measures approx. 10.5cm in height, 5cm in diameter. Towel measures approx. 20cm in length, 20cm in height.

ITEM ID: #10500


Japanese culture places a lot of importance on being prepared, with items like hand towels, compact umbrellas and collapsible bento boxes all being seen as essential everyday possessions. Even among these sorts of items there is great variation in design, from the traditional kimono-style pattern to cute animal shapes. For a great range of Japan-style necessities, take a look at Japan Centre's Japan Fan section.

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