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  • 10495 onigiri box green main
  • 10495 onigiri box green back
10495 onigiri box green main 10495 onigiri box green back

Onigiri Rice Ball Bento Lunch Box - Green, 100 g



5 / 5

11 review

Carry your onigiri in style.

This cute little bento lunch box is ideal for taking your onigiri rice balls out and about. There's space for three standard sized onigiri rice balls and even a small divider for separating a little side dish. Finished in a brilliant green and brandishing a kawaii panda and duckling design. Box measures approx. 13.5cm in width, 7cm in length, 6cm in height. Box holds approx. 450ml. Made in Japan. 

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Japan has turned the humble lunch box into an artform. From classy wooden look bento boxes to adorable animal-shaped bento boxes, you can bet that there is a bento box out there that perfectly compliments you. If you are in the market for a fantastic bento lunch box, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento range.

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1 review
No need for a bulky tupperwear tub, this holds 4 large triangular Onigiri with ease (if you're really hungry that is!) The internal divider is not fixed so you can adjust your content easily.\nEveryone in work is jelous.