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10493 panda bento main 10493 panda bento open

Panda Shaped Bento Lunch Box With Drawstring Pouch, 130 g

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Perfect for panda lovers.

This panda themed bento lunchbox is not only super cute, but super handy too. With plenty of space for your favourite bento fillings, it's durable, microwaveable and comes with and handy drawstring pouch (also panda-shaped) to keep it all together. Bento box measures approx. 14cm in width, 11cm in length, 7cm in height. Bento box holds 370ml. Carry bag measures approx. 16cm in length, 14cm in width, 12cm in depth. Microwave safe.

ITEM ID: #10493


Japan has turned the humble lunch box into an artform. From classy wooden look bento boxes to adorable animal-shaped bento boxes, you can bet that there is a bento box out there that perfectly compliments you. If you are in the market for a fantastic bento lunch box, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento range.

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