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  • 10486 cylinder onigiri rice mould

Cylindrical Shaped Onigiri Rice Mould, 32 g

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A bento box essential.

Bring cute little onigiri into your bento box in moments with this cylindrical shaped onigiri mould. This 2-part plastic rice ball mould makes perfect cylindrical onigiri in 3 simple steps with easy to follow picture instructions on the back of the packet. Mould measures approx. 7.5cm in length, 6.3cm in width, 3.5cm in depth.

ITEM ID: #10486


Decorative bento lunches were originally conceived as a way to get fussy children to eat their packed lunches. Since then they have evolved to become an artform in themselves, with national decorative bento competitions being held frequently in Japan and elsewhere around the world. If you are keen to get started on your decorative bento journey, check out Japan Centre's Bento section for all the necessary boxes, tools, and equipment.

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