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  • 10422 sansho pepper

Best Before Date: 26-02-2017

Shichimiya Honpo Sansho Japanese Pepper, 10 g, 50 bags

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Spice up your Japanese cooking.

Bring the fiery, zingy spices of Japan into your cooking with this sansho Japanese pepper. Sansho is an earthy kind of Sichuan pepper, and this box contains 50 single-serve sachets of this zingy spice, ideal for sprinkling onto grilled fish, yakitori, teriyaki, and other oily or umami-rich foods.

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Sansho Japanese Pepper is harvested from the Japanese prickly ash (Zanthoxylum piperitum). It is close in flavour to Sichuan pepper (used in Chinese cooking), but sansho has stronger citrus flavours. Sansho provides layers of flavour and sensation, going from yuzu & grapefruit to mildly cooling to effervescent tingling that stimulates the taste buds. Sansho is especially good on oily foods such as unagi (grilled eel).

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Sansho Japanese Pepper.