Bento Lunch Box With Chopsticks - White Cat, 228 g, 2 items


Lunchtime with a little luck.

Pack good luck into your lunch every day with this white lucky cat bento box and chopsticks set. As well as having adorable matching lucky cat faces, the bento box also has a capacity of 500ml and comes with two small, brightly coloured inner trays for easy separation of foods. With a bento belt also included, this set is perfect for any cat lover who also enjoys a well organised lunch. Bento box measures approx. 11cm in length, 14.7cm in width, 6cm in height. Bento box holds 500ml. Chopsticks measure approx. 17.5cm in length. Chopstick case measures approx. 19.5cm in length. Bento box microwave safe without lids.

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Bento boxes are an important part of Japanese culture. More than just a lunchbox, it is thought that, through the practice of making a bento lunch, a Japanese caregiver is expressing their love for their partner or children. For a fantastic variety of bento boxes in all shapes, sizes, colours and finishes, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento section.

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