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  • 10399 daruma chopstick set

Bamboo Chopsticks And Chopstick Rest Set - Daruma, 11 g, 2 items Low in Stock (only 1 available)

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Persevere through your dinner.

Bring the fortitude needed to get through a large and delicious Japanese meal with this matching chopsticks and chopstick rest set. Both items have been decorated with pictures of daruma dolls, which, as well as lending both items a striking and cultural Japanese appearance, are a well-known Japanese symbol of luck and endurance. Buy this unique set for yourself, or get as a gift for any lover of Japanese folklore and culture. Chopsticks measure approx. 23cm in length. Chopstick rest measures approx. 4cm in length, 3.5cm in width. Not dishwasher safe.

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Japanese culture places a lot of value on symbols. These are kanji characters, or tokens, or animals, that represent ideas of particular importance in Japan. Among the more well-known symbols are the lucky cat (representing luck in various areas of life), the daruma doll (representing perseverence), butterflies (representing joy and longevity), and cherry blossoms (representing the transience of life).

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