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For good luck and good fortune.

Get motivated and stick to your goals with the help of this cute little daruma doll. Daruma dolls are a traditional Japanese symbol of perseverance, and this little doll will help you further along with the Japanese symbol for 'good fortune' emblazoned on its front. To use this daruma doll properly, you need to colour in one eye when you set a goal, then colour in the other eye when that goal is achieved. Doll measures approx. 12cm in height, 9cm in diameter.

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Traditional daruma dolls are a type of tumbler doll, modelled after the founder of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma. Famous for his feats of perseverance and endurance, Bodhidharma's bushy beard and red robes are almost always depicted on daruma dolls. The bona fide, real deal daruma dolls will always right themselves when they are knocked over, representing the ability to overcome obstacles or triumph over adversity.

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