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  • 10326 lucky cat make up bag purple

Lucky Cat Make Up Bag - Purple, 40 g Low in Stock (only 1 left)

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A useful bit of luck.

Keep your cosmetics in the luckiest place possible with this adorable make-up bag. Made with kimono-style textured fabric, this make-up bag's most obvious feature is the lucky cat attached to the front with its paw raised as it beckons good luck to come towards it. Whether you are a cat lover or a fan of Japanese folklore, this is a great little stocking filler. Bag measures approx. 14cm in height, 16cm in width, 3cm in depth.

Item design may vary.

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The lucky cat has been a popular figure in Japanese folklore since the late Edo period, appearing in a number of folktales as a bringer of fortune and happiness. Japanese restaurants, shops and other assorted businesses often have a lucky cat figure at their entrances to beckon customers in. Lucky cats are becoming increasingly popular in the Western world as well, both as good luck charms and as ornaments. If you believe in the power (or, indeed, the cuteness) of the lucky cat yourself, take a look at Japan Centre's collection of Lucky Cat Gifts.

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