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The Sushi Lover's Cookbook: Easy To Prepare Sushi For Every Occasion, 943 g



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A variety of sushi recipes to appeal to anyone's particular tastes.

Enjoying delicious sushi dishes, doesn't always have to involve raw fish as this Sushi Lover's cookbook showcases in its wonderful selection of authentic and experimental recipes. With her rich expertise, leading sushi chef and cookbook translator Yumi Umemura brings you 85 recipes in this cookbook, revealing how to accurately recreate time-honoured sushi favourites such as nigiri sushi and temaki sushi rolls, whilst also building essential sushi-making knowledge to help you create exciting new cuisine, with the inspiration of famous worldwide foods and ingredients. Using food memorable of different regions, such as European continental meats, Asian sauces and American specialities, you can learn to perfectly fuse everyone's favourite food into an authentic sushi experience, with ideas as curious as paella sushi, kimchi sushi and even pizza sushi, guaranteed to interest even those most hesitant to Japan's healthy and versatile fast food option. With traditional advice, vibrant photos and lots of flavour, technique and equipment recommendations, this book is ideal for sushi fans looking to learn how they can make quality sushi that will appease their own unique tastes, as well as encourage an open-minded approach to appreciating its varied potential.

Written by Yumi Umemura.

ISBN: 978-4-8053-1299-5

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Japanese cooking is known for being intricate, vivid and full of unique flavours, making it a delight to experience but sometimes a handful to try and recreate for yourself. Despite the increasing popularity of well-known Japanese dishes in the West, sometimes the recipes available don't bring out the full authenticity and flavour that Japan take's absolute pride in making the main aspect of it's cuisine. Fortunately, there are an increasing number of books helping to bridge this culture gap and deliver you detailed yet simple instruction on how to make delicious and genuine meals fit for any Japanese household. Here at japancentre.com we strive to help turn your kitchen into a great culinary adventure, so why not check out Cooking & Sushi Making Book range, and try your hand at something new.

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a good book,usefull.