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The Sushi Lover's Cookbook: Easy To Prepare Sushi For Every Occasion, 943 g



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For the sushi adventurer. The Sushi Lover's Cookbook is a unique collection of recipes by Yumi Umemura, one of Japan's leading sushi teachers. This cook book contains 85 simple recipes, starting with how to make sushi rice and going on to explain how to make traditional sushi favourites such as nigiri sushi and temaki sushi rolls, as well as creative fusion varieties of sushi such as Peking duck sushi and Paella sushi.

ISBN: 978-4-8053-1299-5

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Japanese cuisine might seem like a foreign and daunting world, but in actuality it is often quite simple, using only a handful of key ingredients (soy sauce, mirin, miso, dashi) and preparing them in such a way as to deliver maximum flavour. Whether you are a beginner Japanese cook or a practiced chef searching for new ideas, you will find a great variety of cookbooks to suit your needs in Japan Centre's Japanese Cuisine Books section.

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a good book,usefull.