Gekkeikan Yamada Nishiki Tokubetsu Junmai Sake, 300 ml

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Rich and subtle. This tokubetsu junmai sake (meaning 'special pure rice wine') has been made using 100% Yamada Nishiki rice, which is famous for its use in high quality sake, and Japan-made koji (rice malt or rice mould). This sake has a floral aroma, a well-rounded flavour and a refreshing aftertaste. Best served slightly chilled or at room temperature, with foods rich in umami flavour.

Sake Category: Tokubetsu Junmai (special pure rice wine)
Sweet/Dry: Slightly Dry
Flavour: Well-Rounded, Subtle
Aroma: Floral
Drinking Temperature: Slightly Chilled (10℃-15℃), room temperature
Food Pairing: Rich umami foods such as Seafood, Beef Steak, Mushrooms, Miso, Soy Sauce.

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Sake is Japan’s most well-known alcoholic drink. It is brewed using any of a number of specialty sake rices, koji (otherwise known as rice malt or rice mould), and sometimes a little brewer's alcohol. A sake's characteristics, including how sweet or dry it is, how light or full bodied it is, and what flavours it evokes, depend on the type of rice and other ingredients used, how much the rice is polished/milled, and what brewing methods have been employed. To explore the wide and varied world of sake, take a look at Japan Centre's Sake section.

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• Alcohol Content: 14-15%
• Rice polished to 70%

Ingredients and allergens

Water, rice, rice koji


12 reviews
This is for the gift to friend, good price. Good packaging
I had to rate this just as '/good' as I really do not know enough abought sake but enjoyed it chilled though the alcohol was on the sharp side.
It’s lovely
Lovely taste!
Attractively priced sake, good value for money.
Product description is spot on - A nice sake, with slight after kick
great flavour
Good service excellent product
It was a present for my husband as we have just come back from Japan and he is mad for sake. He said it was lovely.
We lived in Tokyo so love Sake
Good value for money
Bought as a present so I hope it is good.