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  • Gekkeikan samurai rock lime cocktail

Gekkeikan Samurai Rock Lime Sake Liqueur, 720 ml

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Awaken the samurai. This unique liqueur emulates one of Japan's most beloved cocktails. Original known more practically as a 'sake lime', a samurai rock is a combination of Japanese sake and fresh lime juice, where the acidity of the lime makes the sake easier to drink and more refreshing. Enjoy this ready-made version as you would any other samurai rock: on the rocks with a wedge of lime.

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As well as being a uniquely flavoured and fascinating alcoholic beverage in its own right, sake is also frequently used to make cocktail-like liqueurs of varying strengths and flavours. If sake is a bit too heavy for you, or you are not quite used to the flavour of sake, why not take a look at Japan Centre Online’s Umeshu and Others section for something a little milder?

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• Alcohol Content: 5%