Jitsuryoku Up! Japanese Language Proficiency Test N4 Listening Workbook, 475 g

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Japanese study to listen and level up with.

This handy practice workbook offers you all the listening practice you need to pick up regular conversation clearly and recognise interesting grammar and vocabulary talking points in preparation for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N4. Made to follow up on a developing understanding of how to break down and pick up details in day-to-day Japanese dialogue, this workbook uses conversations in a variety of typical Japanese scenarios to test you on 4 different styles of mock test questions that are commonly found in the real JLPT, judging your ability to correctly follow what is being said and respond with accurate answers and replies both quickly and effectively. Encouraging you to begin slowly and take in the listening content calmly and thoroughly, this book uses both illustrations and interesting topics to make dialogues easier to visualise, adjusting you to natural speaking patterns and essential phrases that help you follow more complex material later in the book. With a detailed review following each question, you can on top of going over important vocabulary and grammar you may of missed, run through both the transcript and answers to naturally identify mistakes as well as understand the full text and what information was provided to find the answers, thanks to both English and Japanese explanations. Lots of dialogue to repeat and review over the 2 CDs accompanying this book means you can easily adapt both your speech and listening for better conversational skills, enriching areas of Japanese that are hard to practice for JLPT.

Translations in English and Chinese.

ISBN: 978-4-89689-495-0

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Made to highly recognise Japanese ability in all areas from reading, to writing and spoken language, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a great qualification to gauge and acknowledge your own Japanese capability. With 5 qualifications, raising from beginner N5 to native N1 level, they are awarded for increasing comprehension of the language through multiple-choice exams and are regularly regarded by schools and employers as a key point to finding you a suitable course or career. Held in both July and December across countries worldwide, if you're looking to make Japanese one of your vital career and lifestyle skills, pick up our informative range of JLPT mock question and study books here at japancentre.com, and get learning towards earning these invaluable qualifications.  

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