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  • 10233 vegetable dividers pack
  • 10233 vegetable dividers main
10233 vegetable dividers pack 10233 vegetable dividers main

Vegetable Shaped Silicone Bento Food Cups And Bento Lunch Dividers, 35 g, 4 items Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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Keep your food divided in style. This set of silicon bento food dividers includes two large cups and two flat sheets, all shaped to look like vegetables. As well as looking great, these dividers are easy to wash, completely reusable, and will keep any number of bento side dishes separate from each other. A super handy kitchen accessory. Carrot (orange) cup measures approx. 7cm in length, 5cm in width, 3cm in height. Lettuce (green) cup measures approx. 10cm in length, 7.5cm in width, 3cm in height. Large lettuce sheet measures approx. 10.5cm in length, 10cm in width. Small lettuce sheet measures approx. 8.5cm in length, 8cm in width. Microwave and dishwasher safe.

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A bento box is an amalgamation of different meat, protein and vegetable dishes, normally served alongside a bed of rice. To keep all of the components of a bento box separated and tidy-looking, little accessories like okazu cups, miniature sauce bottles, and picks are handy tools to have at your disposal. Take a look at Japan Centre's Bento section for more bento accessories.

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