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  • 10231 panda mould pack
  • 10231 panda mould main 2
10231 panda mould pack 10231 panda mould main 2

Panda Shaped Onigiri Rice Mould And Nori Seaweed Cutter, 149 g



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Pandas with your meals. This panda mould set contains everything you need to make an adorable panda shape out of rice or bread. Fill the main mould with rice to make the panda body, or cut a panda body out of sliced bread with the panda-shaped cutter. Then cut facial features, ears, arms and legs out of nori seaweed using the segmented cutter and attach those to the panda body. Easy for children and adults alike to use.

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Decorative bento lunches, or decoben, have been made in Japan for decades. Originally constructed by Japanese housewives in an effort to encourage fussy children to eat their school lunches, decoben has evolved into an artform in its own right, with national competitions being held in Japan and all over the world. For a fantastic range of bento boxes, moulds, cutters, cups and more, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento section.

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Great mould but probably need nori softner to cut out the shapes well.