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Lunch with a smile. These three hole punch style nori seaweed cutters cut out the features of different smiling faces. Great for decoben, these are an easy way of adding delicate touches to animal- or doll-shaped rice balls and other shaped foods. You can also swap around facial features from different cutters for different looks, or wrap the punched out nori seaweed around an onigiri for a reverse-face look.

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Decorative bento lunches, or decoben, have been made in Japan for decades. Originally made by Japanese housewives in an effort to encourage fussy children to eat their school lunches, decoben has evolved into an artform in its own right, with national competitions being held in Japan and all over the world. For a fantastic range of bento boxes, moulds, cutters, cups and more, take a look at Japan Centre's Bento section.

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A good product for making *** *** for your kids.