Calligraphy Ink Stick, 19 g


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Calligraphy ink in its original form. Made from pressed together charcoal and soot, this ink stick is designed to be ground into a powder and mixed with water to make calligraphy ink. Unlike liquid varieties of calligraphy ink, this more traditional stick form allows for greater variety and control with ink tincture and thickness. An essential item for calligraphy traditionalists.

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Calligraphy is one of Japan's most ancient arts, having been practiced for thousands of years. Originally practiced by the rich and the intelligencia, these days it is a compulsary elementary school subject, an elective high school subject, and a popular hobby. If you are an accomplished calligrapher, or even if you are just starting out, you can find all the necessary calligraphy equipment you need in Japan Centre's Calligraphy section.

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Used for brush calligraphy. small but good quality.\n