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  • 10207 clearspring organic kuzu

Clearspring Organic Japanese Kuzu, 125 g

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Organic gluten-free thickener. Extracted from organic wild kuzu plants (which grow in abundance in Japan), this kuzu flour has a smooth texture and neutral flavour, making it ideal for thickening soups, stews, fillings and drinks, with one tablespoon of kuzu thickening approximately 240ml liquid. Alternatively, mix some kuzu with water and a little sugar to make kuzuyu, a tasty drink that is believed to aid in curing colds.

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Kuzu is one of the lesser-known secrets of Japanese cuisine, but as more effort is being made to cater for people with gluten allergies or impaired gluten tolerance, kuzu is something of a miracle food, as easy to use as wheat starch and just as versatile. For this and other unique Japanese flours and starches, take a look at Japan Centre's Flour and Panko section.


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