Minna no Nihongo I 2nd Edition Reading Topics 25 Workbook, 294 g

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An enjoyable, introductory approach to developing Japanese skills.

The simple and unassuming charm of the long-running Minna no Nihongo series of textbooks has seen them become globally popular, for their instant and welcoming access to the Japanese language. With the revised 2nd edition of this Reading Topics 25 workbook, there is lots of easily relatable Japanese reading comprehension made to be closely studied, even by those just starting out with Japanese, to develop a good level of text understanding across various typical formats. Beginning with how to read both characters and numbers clearly and accurately, this book then introduces fun reading material, from letters, to notices, to even quizzes and interviews that build around the essential Japanese grammar and vocabulary you initially study in the main textbook, to help you test your own reading level in everyday topics and adjust to how differently basic Japanese is used. Simple exercises at the end of each reading provide ideal study and review towards fully grasping the text, with answer sheets and extra vocabulary translation in the appendix allowing you to refer back to areas you didn't really understand. Extra reading content and games at the end of the book means you can excitingly challenge what you've learnt so far to develop your reading recognition further.

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