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  • 10172 fresh sudachi citrus

Fresh Tokushima Sudachi Citrus Fruit - 2 Fruits

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The symbol of Tokushima Prefecture is now available at Japan Centre. Grown in Tokushima Prefeture itself, these sudachi citrus fruits are small and have a similar yellow/green colour to limes, but boasts a zestier flavour and aroma. Use the squeezed juice from these fruits as an alternative to vinegar in dressings and marinades. Alternatively use the juice or zest to flavour sweet foods in the same way that one might use lemon. Two sudachi fruits included.

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The vast majority of sudachi is grown in Tokushima Prefecture, located toward the West of the smallest of Japan's four main islands, Shikoku. In other parts of Japan the sudachi fruit is seen as something of a delicacy. It has a sour and zesty flavour that makes it excellent as a substitute for vinegar and an important flavour to be enjoyed alongside umami-rich matsutake mushrooms. For these and other unique fruits and vegetables used in Japanese cuisine, take a look at Japan Centre's Vegetables section.

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