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Gekkeikan Kin No Shichifukujin Meguri Honjozo Sake with Gold Flakes, 720 ml

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1010 reviews

The sake of the Seven Lucky Gods. This limited edition sake, normally only available in Japan around New Year's, is based around the motif of the Seven Lucky Gods of Japanese folklore, containing real flakes of pure gold to represent the hope for good wealth and prosperity in the new year. A honjozo sake, it has a light, dry, and sharp flavour that is best served cold and works well with savoury or spicy foods. Bring a little Japanese luck to your next celebration.

Sake Category: Honjozo (rice wine)
Sweet/Dry: Dry
Flavour: Sharp, light
Drinking Temperature: Chilled (5℃-10℃)
Food Pairing: Delicious savoury or spicy foods, particularly from Chinese and Thai cuisines

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Sake is Japan’s most famous alcoholic drink. Made using special rice grown specially for sake production, sake can be broadly divided into categories based on how much the rice has been milled/polished, as well as whether or not brewer's alcohol has been added. In reality, however, every sake is unique. To further explore the wide and wonderful world of sake, take a look at Japan Centre Online's Sake range.

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• Alcohol Content: 14-15%

• Rice polished to 70%



10 reviews
I purchased this as a gift.
Product for my brother.
a very unusual gift
Excellent flavour
Beautiful packaging,perfect for the present,good price,taste....like sake,I'm not an export really!
Xmas present but it looks fab
I bought one of these home from Japan as a gift for my son. I was pleased I am able to buy it in the UK for him.
Very good choices.
Clean, dry and refreshing. The gold leaf adds a touch of elegance.