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10158  kanji look and learn textbook 10158  kanji look and learn textbook   example 1 10158  kanji look and learn textbook   example 2

Kanji Look and Learn Textbook, 550 g

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Memorable study fun to remember kanji you'll never forget!

Learning kanji characters can feel intimidating even after mastering hiragana and katakana alphabets, so thankfully this Kanji Look and Learn textbook is an ideal and invaluable resource to easily get you started. Covering 512 kanji in total that run across 32 chapters, each is depicted and explained clearly, with stroke order and examples of use in vocabulary providing handy study practice, alongside an especially amusing illustration and example sentence that quickly visualises each kanji with its meaning for simple memorisation. With a thorough English explanation at the start of the book teaching how Kanji are formed and how their onyomi and kunyomi readings can vary, you can identify common radicals (parts of kanji) and ways to easily read kanji in different words, to build important methods of study to understand more complex kanji in the future. Particularly handy references under each kanji allow you to pick up on how similar kanji are easily mistaken and a complete index at the back of the book allows you to efficiently look up any kanji via stroke order, reading or even certain vocabulary for easy review. The textbook gradually introduces all kanji necessary for up to Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) Level N3 as well as around 3,500 essential words, making it a perfectly enjoyable and comprehensive study hub to pair with most beginner to intermediate textbooks, including the Genki series of the same publisher. Combine with the Kanji Look and Learn Workbook and you'll be surprised at how imaginative kanji study can be!  

Written by Eri Banno, Yoko Sakane, Yutaka Ohno, Chikako Shinagawa and Kyoko Tokashiki.

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1349-9

ITEM ID: #10158


One of the Japanese language's most recognisable features is its use of 3 alphabets, with Hiragana and Katakana, covering basic readings for all words and sounds, and Kanji characters allowing words to be shortened and described via what each character depicts. Whilst the characters come in their 10,000's and even among native Japanese people it is a challenge to master the top few thousand most regularly used, several textbooks are released with handy memory exercises, hints and explanations to understand how each is constructed and used in various words and phrases, making both reading and writing easier to break down and comprehend. Here at japancentre.com we have a great choice of Kanji and Kana workbooks, that cover everything from vocabulary to writing order, for you to expand your language knowledge and use.

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