Theme Based Intermediate Japanese Revised Edition Workbook, 380 g

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Proactive development of intermediate Japanese and beyond.

At intermediate level it's hard to find a book that let's you study how you can be more flexible with your understanding and use of Japanese to take it to the next level, so why not try the integrated approach of this detailed and thought-provoking workbook? Split into 25 themed chapters, that base study around concepts of verbs and actions, each chapter gets your Japanese skills working on all fronts, with new vocabulary helping you to follow the opening reading comprehension that covers all grammar points you will study and review in following exercises. With a variety of tasks that naturally encourage you to pick up on meaning and how grammar is correctly used, you can learn how to structure answers yourself, identifying the right ways to implement phrases, verb forms and conjugations, to build your own opinions and ideas in Japanese for the more free flowing questions of each chapter. Speaking and reading sections motivate you to think about the interesting material provided and how you can implement similar study practice to better follow your own Japanese interests and revision at the end of each theme summarises everything you've learnt, letting you develop complex and more fluent ways to express yourself in the language. This workbook is ideal for working on with others or a language tutor, building confidence through discussion.

ISBN: 978-4-327-38443-2

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