Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese Grammar Power Exercises for Mastery Workbook, 555 g

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Open the doorway to practical and proactive learning of complex Japanese. 

If you want to take your Japanese grammar skills further after completing beginner level yet aren't sure where to turn, Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese opens the way forward. This Japanese Grammar Power Exercises for Mastery workbook supplements the rich and varied coverage of grammar points introduced in the main Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese textbook, offering you all the practice and review you need to really enrich your own handling of the language. With up to 15 pages of different tasks covering all the grammar introduced per chapter, you'll be able to revise and master everything from correct use of particles and verb forms, to fluent sentence structure and expression with the aid of illustrations in the opening foundation exercises, before learning to practically implement them in thoughtful dialogue and question completion tasks that look to build your ability to form complex Japanese for the final open question sections. Gradually rising in difficulty as you work through the book, each exercise encourages you to really develop your usage of Japanese, allowing you build more detailed answers that fluently display more expressive language ability and allow particular interests and opinions to be expressed freely in real-life situations with the incredible amount of grammar available to review in this workbook.

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Excellent book for practising grammar.