Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese Power Up Your Kanji Textbook, 748 g

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Open the doorway to practical and proactive learning of complex Japanese. 

If you want to take your Kanji character knowledge further after mastering those at beginner level, Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese opens the way forward. This Power Up Your Kanji Textbook is made to supplement the rich variety of useful kanji and vocabulary introduced in the main Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese textbook, offering you detailed reference and dynamic exercises to truly develop and perfect your own kanji study routine. Beginning with a complete review exercise of the initial 297 kanji required to tackle the content at this textbook's level, there is a wide variety of practice problems that no matter your initial study course, bring you up to scratch to challenge the further 503 common kanji this book covers. Broken down into 15 chapters, these kanji are each thoroughly explained right down to stroke order, readings, radicals and use in vocabulary, with even example sentences and page references allowing you go back to the main textbook and reinforce all knowledge of each new kanji. Following questions go over each of these aspects, encouraging simple yet effective practices that allow you to recognise patterns in kanji study and even your own independent use of new kanji to provide instant practical use, through sentences and thoughts, developing your ability to adapt your own Japanese. Completing study of 800 kanji in total, this book prepares you in majority for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test Level N2 and proves an eternally handy resource to continuing kanji learning, with useful techniques and advice for perfecting your understanding. 

ISBN: 978-4-87424-487-6

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