Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese Main Textbook, 905 g

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Open the doorway to practical and proactive learning of complex Japanese. 

If you want to take your Japanese skills further after completing beginner level yet aren't sure where to turn, Tobira Gateway to Advanced Japanese opens the way forward. Challenging your Japanese ability on all 4 fronts, reading, writing, speaking and listening, this main textbook immerses you in the Japanese language with 15 chapters each taking on a different, engaging aspect of Japanese culture, opening with warm-up activities and informative reading passages that encourage your own natural research of specific Japanese, with the aid of vocabulary lists and readings. Practice dialogue and exercises that follow the passage get you used to how Japanese can flow naturally in various scenarios from formal to informal and help build speaking confidence by teaching lots of practical language, grammar and phrases that can be understood right down to nuance and meaning by the grammar and language notes at the back of each chapter.

With no shortage of example sentences and free practice to widely expand your Japanese comprehension, the potential for studying doesn't stay contained within this book, with a rich source of bonus worksheets, audio files, flashcards and vocabulary/kanji lists as well as supplementary resource links available on the Tobira website. The chance to run through all the dialogue in the book online for native listening practice or even conversation practice of your own with Language Partner Online means you can actively keep up with Japanese even in areas you get limited practice and with English-translation only available for grammar and vocabulary, this is a thorough experience of useful and curious Japanese often used by universities that is bound to shape your study path to advanced level and beyond. 

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Great resource for those learning ** at an intermediate level.
This book is for a gift, book looks excellent!
This is an excellent book for those who would like to move up to intermediate level of **.