An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese Revised Edition Workbook, 342 g

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A thorough intermediate grammar and kanji workout.

As an important supplement to the extensive Japanese knowledge provided in An Integrated Approach to Intermediate Japanese's Revised Edition Textbook, this workbook aims to fully test and make sure that even in difficult scenarios, you can implement the various grammar and vocabulary you learn successfully. Set out into 15 chapters like the main textbook, each chapter breaks down every grammar point taught with concise practice drills that gauge your ability to accurately shape and identify how the grammar fits naturally in the sentence, reviewing the correct use of verb forms and understanding of context in the process. Questions at the end of each chapter focus on the reading comprehension and dialogue encountered in the main textbook and encourage not only proper understanding of a text's meaning and nuance to easily extract the right information but also the chance to then offer your own open input through the Japanese skills you have built. With space to practice and review kanji characters and vocabulary found on the course, this is the ideal resource for keeping what you learn fresh on your mind and ready to use. 

Written by Akira Miura and Naomi Hanaoka McGloin  

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1308-6

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