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  • 10148 genki ii teaching illustrations

Genki II 2nd Edition Picture Cards Teaching Illustrations CD Set, 329 g

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This CD set is particularly useful for teachers of Japanese language. It contains downloadable and printable images representing the grammar and vocabulary points from the Genki II 2nd Edition Main Textbook. Teachers can print out the images and use them in the classroom for clearer, more demonstrative teaching and better learning.

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1445-8

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With Japanese being a popular foreign language for high school and university students, there is a good variety of Japanese language textbook and workbook courses available. The Genki course is one of the most popular of these, as it covers a lot of elementary grammar points effectively using drawings and images to provide examples. To see Japan Centre's full range of Japanese language classroom textbooks and workbooks, take a look at the Japanese Language Books section.

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