Genki I 2nd Edition Workbook, 392 g

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For fun practice and review of the Japanese you learn.

As a supplement of the welcoming introduction to Japanese in Genki I's 2nd edition main textbook, this workbook proactively puts your newly developed Japanese ability to the test with a wide assortment of beneficial tasks to reinforce and support everything you've learnt so far. Laid out in chapters that match what is learnt in each Genki unit, the first part of the workbook provides worksheets breaking down practice of new grammar points and vocabulary into specific exercises, testing things such as correct use in various sentence examples and ability to naturally translate certain grammar between English and Japanese. An accompanying MP3 CD allows for listening practice each chapter, where you can understand use of such grammar points in conversation and this book's frequent question sections are especially helpful at encouraging expression of your own thoughts and ideas through the Japanese you've picked up, developing your own natural handling of the language. With verb tables to fill in and a reading and writing section in the latter half of the book that practices accurate writing and use of kanji characters in the correct context, this workbook provides lots of handy, extra content to start effectively reviewing all the elementary Japanese knowledge you need.

Written by Eri Banno, Yoko Sakane, Yutaka Ohno, Chikako Shinagawa and Kyoko Tokashiki.  

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1441-0

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With Japanese being a reasonably popular foreign language for high school and university students to learn, there is now a good variety of Japanese language textbook and workbook courses available. The Genki course is one of the most popular courses available, as it covers a lot of elementary grammar points effectively using drawings and images to provide examples. To see Japan Centre's full range of Japanese language classroom textbooks, take a look at the Classroom Books section.

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9 reviews
Not latest edition
thankyou :)
Haven't really started this course yet, but flipped through it and it seems concise and well thought out. Am excited about the course.
Rewarding investment.
Great companion to the main book. Definitely need the core textbook for learning, though, as this is just questions and exercises
Awesome self study guide for learning *** grammar
I mean I guess it’s neat that yeah I like this book it’s ok I’ll see how I get on you maybe asked too soon
Good product, too expensive
Would reccomend to anyone using the genki textbook to learn japanese, so there are more exercises to do to help improve with their japanese! It's been a great help to me at least!