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Genki I 2nd Edition Workbook, 392 g



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This workbook is designed to be used alongside the Genki I main textbook. This workbook reinforces the lessons learned in the textbook by providing worksheets for each new grammar point introduced, as well as listening comprehension and question sections to test students' understanding. The workbook also includes a reading and writing section where new kanji characters can be practised, and an MP3 CD for listening practice. By using both this workbook and the textbook together, students will learn elementary Japanese with greater efficiency.

ISBN: 978-4-7890-1441-0

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With Japanese being a reasonably popular foreign language for high school and university students to learn, there is now a good variety of Japanese language textbook and workbook courses available. The Genki course is one of the most popular courses available, as it covers a lot of elementary grammar points effectively using drawings and images to provide examples. To see Japan Centre's full range of Japanese language classroom textbooks, take a look at the Classroom Books section.

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3 reviews
Would reccomend to anyone using the genki textbook to learn japanese, so there are more exercises to do to help improve with their japanese! It's been a great help to me at least!
Good product, too expensive
I mean I guess it’s neat that yeah I like this book it’s ok I’ll see how I get on you maybe asked too soon