Minna no Nihongo II 2nd Edition Practice Questions Workbook, 203 g

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A thorough and easy to review approach to revising Japanese skills.

The simple and helpful charm of the long-running Minna no Nihongo series of textbooks has seen them become globally popular, for their instant and practical access to the Japanese language. With this revised 2nd edition of the Practice Questions Workbook, you have a wide variety of exercises and drills that cover everything you've learnt up to this point from the main textbooks, creating an extensive and up to date review of your Japanese ability that, even for study using other books, is handy to gauge your current level and identifies areas of weakness to work on. Tasks that practice the correct conjugation of verb forms and how to recognise when a phrase does and doesn't make natural sense, sit alongside particle revision and understanding of how sentences form across 7 units, helping you to cancel out regular mistakes and refine your comprehension, with answers in a separate booklet to check as you work through. Helpful for those that want extra practice to keep their Japanese fresh and well understood or for those who are revising for upcoming exams, this book is perfect for topping up individual study.

Written by 3A Networks.

ISBN: 978-4-88319-663-0

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