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  • 10142 minna no nihongo ii main

Minna no Nihongo II 2nd Edition Main Textbook, 700 g



5 / 5

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This is the second main textbook in the Minna no Nihongo series, and it follows on from Minna no Nihongo 1. This book expects you to have completed Minna no Nihongo 1 and be competent in Hiragana and Katakana. All kanji have furigana (little hiragana) over the top, but you are expected to know the meaning of basic kanji. At the end of this book you will be able to read simple articles in Japanese and write short essays and other writing pieces.

ISBN: 978-4-88319-646-3

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The Minna no Nihongo series are the most popular Japanese language textbooks and workbooks currently used by teachers and students. As well as the main textbooks, the series also includes kanji textbooks and workbooks, writing practice workbooks, reading comprehension workbooks, and more, all designed to be used in conjunction with the main text. To see Japan Centre's complete Minna no Nihongo range, take a look at our Classroom Books section.

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This textbook is an integral part of my studies at university. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Japanese as an English speaker. You should pair it with the other textbooks in this range, especially the Grammar and Translation book. However, you should first use and complete the Minna no Nihongo I books. ***