Minna no Nihongo II 2nd Edition Main Textbook, 700 g

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4.5 / 5

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A clear and fun approach to developing Japanese skills.

The simple and helpful charm of the long-running Minna no Nihongo series of textbooks has seen them become globally popular, for their instant and practical access to the Japanese language. With the revised 2nd edition of this volume continuing on from Minna no Nihongo I, there are new pictures and up to date vocabulary that keep you exposed to current Japanese conversation and themes encountered nowadays, allowing you to excitingly build on a basic Japanese knowledge with more involved sentence structure exercises and varied drills that make for interesting and memorable content. Both practical vocabulary and grammar increase significantly in this volume, meaning people studying can rapidly expand the complexity of their sentences and incorporate Japanese skills into several typical scenarios, building on reading, writing, listening and speaking ability thanks to a greater comprehension of Japanese in common formats, with the help of short texts, answer sheets, dialogues and the accompanying listening CD. With an additional Translation & Grammar Textbook available at japancentre.com for those who want further English grammar advice, this text book builds you up to intermediate level and beyond. 

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ISBN: 978-4-88319-646-3

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3 reviews
If it's as good as the first, then it's great! It's my textbook for my ** course, so just kinda has to be
This textbook is an integral part of my studies at university. I recommend it to anyone wanting to learn Japanese as an English speaker. You should pair it with the other textbooks in this range, especially the Grammar and Translation book. However, you should first use and complete the Minna no Nihongo I books. ***