Minna no Nihongo 2nd Edition Easy Essays Textbook, 371 g

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A practical and easy to develop approach to Japanese writing skills.

The simple and unassuming charm of the long-running Minna no Nihongo series of textbooks has seen them become globally popular, for their instant and welcoming access to the Japanese language. With this revised 2nd edition of the Easy Essays textbook, you're introduced to trying your hand at writing your own Japanese sentences with guides and tips building on making coherent use of the Japanese you've learnt previous in both Minna no Nihongo I and II textbooks. Divided into two parts, the basic practice in units 1-15, takes you through easy-to-reference flowcharts that break down typical sentence structure, identifying how you adapt each grammar point to what you want to say and in particular showing how you choose the right vocabulary and particle to form an accurate, natural-sounding sentence. Covering all phrases, formats and typical use of grammar across your study, with model sentences to review and understand, you can move onto the last 5 units which aim to practically test your Japanese writing ability, encouraging you to naturally think about and look back at what you've written, to identify areas you can improve on and expand. The aid of the included teachers manual really helps you express yourself with varied sentences and develops this key skill for further study.

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