Minna no Nihongo I 2nd Edition Practice Questions Workbook, 203 g

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This workbook is designed to be used with the Minna no Nihongo main text book. It provides a further set of practice questions for each unit in the main text, altogether containing over 60 pages worth of extra content, as well as all of the answers in a detachable booklet at the back. This workbook is particularly ideal for anybody who requires or likes to have extra practice when learning new Japanese grammar and vocabulary.

ISBN: 978-4-88319-606-7

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The Minna no Nihongo series are the most popular Japanese language textbooks and workbooks currently used by teachers and students. As well as the main text, the series also includes kanji textbooks and workbooks, writing practice workbooks, reading comprehension workbooks, and more. To see Japan Centre's complete Minna no Nihongo range, take a look at our Classroom Books section.

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I will be using this product during my University studies. I recommend it to anyone intending to study the Japanese language with a teacher or someone who knows the language because the text is completely in Japanese. The textbook is in brand new condition.