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TRY! Japanese Language Proficiency Test N3 Textbook, 505 g

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Everything you need to prepare for the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) N3 in one easy book. This all-in-one text book contains a main text book with numbered grammar lessons, sample texts and review questions, a CD with listening exercises, and the answers and scripts for the practice questions and listening exercises. You can even head over to the official website for the free-to-download vocabulary list. Studying for the JLPT has never been easier.

ISBN: 978-4-87217-902-6

ITEM ID: #10117


It is a well-known fact that Japanese is one of the hardest foreign languages for native English speakers to learn. This is why we at Japan Centre like to try and help make the language learning process easier with our great range of Japanese language books. From grammar text books to dictionaries to kanji workbooks, you can find everything you need for effective Japanese learning in our Japanese Language Books section.

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