TRY! Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 Textbook, 426 g

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Japanese skills improve the best when there's vital practice to try!

Compared to other Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) exercise books, the TRY! series of textbooks is a fun, welcoming chance to understand and practice the natural flow and use of Japanese, with practical activities that help you both pass JLPT level N5 and use basic Japanese in daily life. Divided into 9 chapters, the first 8 incorporate essential grammar points and phrases into simple, exciting day-to-day dialogue and reading, letting you pick up language structure in both speech and writing for immediate use of the Japanese you learn, with the aid of transcripts and explanations alongside regular review tasks each chapter. Chapter 9 provides you the necessary dose of vocabulary, with tips on uses of particles & adverbs that help with the general strategies throughout the book to improve your overall comprehension and JLPT exam-style questions are included each chapter alongside an example mock test, to adjust you to what to expect in the real thing as you revise your skills. With a CD also providing easy to go over listening practice for the content learnt, as well as free-to-download vocabulary and audio files, this book is about building fun experience you can expand on as you work your way through each test.

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Made to highly recognise Japanese ability in all areas from reading, to writing and spoken language, the Japanese Language Proficiency Test is a great qualification to gauge and acknowledge your own Japanese capability. With 5 qualifications, raising from beginner N5 to native N1 level, they are awarded for increasing comprehension of the language through multiple-choice exams and are regularly regarded by schools and employers as a key point to finding you a suitable course or career. Held in both July and December across countries worldwide, if you're looking to make Japanese one of your vital career and lifestyle skills, pick up our informative range of JLPT mock question and study books here at, and get learning towards earning these invaluable qualifications.  

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7 reviews
Lovely book! Can’t wait to start studying from this :)
I purchased this book to fill in my knowledge gaps after studying ** at GCSE and then transitioning into JLPT. I love the way Try! is set out and the content is great! These textbooks don’t cover Kanji needed for the JLPT however which is a shame. But of course there is S?-matome for that! It’s just a shame that absolutely everything isn’t in one place for people such as myself who can’t necessarily afford to pay for extra books.
Looks good. Can't wait to read it
Using this to pass N5. Highly recommended - progresses in easy steps. CD included, plus audio download if needed. Perfect.
As described, I haven't used the book extensively yet but from what I've read and seen it seems great and will help my learning progress.