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Koson Ohara's 'Together' Greeting Card, 16 g



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33 reviews

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Description on the reverse of the greeting card: Koson was born in Kanazawa in Ishikawa, Japan. Hundreds of his works were designed and exported for the US market. Although renowned as the master of the genre of birds and flowers, he produced many other pieces including this image which is highly recognised as one of his masterpieces. The bridge, particularly a bridge over water, represents crossing over from the profane to the sacred, cleansing yourself to enter the pure world of nature.

Quality heavy weight luxurious pearlescent paper, giving a beautiful shimmering effect, elegantly finished with rounded corners.

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3 reviews
Attractive card.
Nice quality card although the image framing is a little odd; the artist's signature is at the very edge of the fold, and I don't care for the rounded corners as they don't add anything to the product.
Nice card if you like Japanese art.