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Yamasu Sugimoto Shoten Hojicha Roasted Green Tea with Sesame, 21 g, 7 teabags Low in Stock (only 4 available)

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This elegant paper packaging contains seven teabags filled with premium quality roasted green tea (or hojicha) and roasted black sesame seeds. The hojicha gives a smoky, slightly sweet flavour, while the sesame seeds add an unexpected wave of nutty umami to the ensemble. An absolute must-try for all tea connoisseurs.

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Hojicha is one of the most commonly drunk teas in Japan. The additional roasting removes the bitterness other varieties of green tea can have, as well as adding a smoky flavour. Due to its lack of bitterness, hojicha is particularly popular among those with a sensitivity to bitter flavours. If you are a fan of smoky sweet teas, why not take a look at Japan Centre's entire range of hojicha loose teas and teabags?

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Very tasty, delicate tea. We loved it.