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Japan Centre Student Discount

•Discount is available to students registered with StudentBeans iD and applies to food, drinks, bento&kitchen and gifts.

•Excludes already discounted items, alcohol, pop culture snack boxes, books and magazines, fresh food (bakery goods), frozen food, chilled food, fresh vegetables, subscriptions, gift cards, electrical items, shogun design prints and catering items.

•The student discount is available for students through the StudentBeans services. The discount is only available for students and addresses within the UK.

•International students are able to use the discount, but the delivery address must be within the UK.

•As per the StudentBeans website, "Anyone can sign up to Student Beans and take advantage of discounts worldwide with any website or brand that supports it. However, please note that discounts on are currently only promoting UK products and services."

•If an order is found to have a non-UK delivery address supplied, then you may be contacted to provide a UK delivery address.

•If an order is found to be on what is deemed illegitimate use of the student discount (e.g. orders placed for large amounts of a single item that do not appear to be for one student's use or there appear to be intentions to resell), then the discount will be nullified for the purchase.