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Christmas Guide for Kids 2017

Colour xmas kid20160119 26781 19dle9l Cute Gifts for Kids

Bring smiles to the faces of any and all of the Japan-loving kids in your life with our fantastic range of fun and cool Japanese gifts for kids. This collection of crafting kits, fun serveware and iconic sweets is sure to intrigue even the most persnickety of kids.

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Kitkat140 140

KitKats Aplenty

KitKat is one of Japan's most popular unique sweet treats - and we have an array of interesting flavours that you can't find elsewhere. Check out our vast range of Japanese KitKats and find the coolest flavour for your little giftees this Christmas.

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10797 tohato pokemon snacks

Fun-filled Japanese Treats

We have one of the biggest collections of Japanese treats UK-wide, from exciting Japanese candy kits to crunchy pocky sticks. With so much to choose from, you're bound to find the perfect Japanese treat that will not only intrigue but amaze all your giftees.

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10379 lucky cat coin bank gold140 140

Enchanting Knick-knacks

Fantastic for the those who love all things Japan. Whether you're looking for quirky stationery, adorable origami kits, or even a rocking lucky cat toy if it's Japanese and pop culture, it's all right here.

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Colour candy 1220160119 26781 d90zaw Pop Culture Snack Box

Sign up for our Pop Culture Snack Box to get the coolest, quirkiest and most colourful selection of Japanese snacks and confectionery delivered to your door every month. With the contents changing every month, the little ones will sure to be surprised and delighted each time they open up our Pop Culture Snack Box.

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Adorable Serveware

Make your home cooked Japanese meals simply adorable with our fantastic range of chopsticks for kids. They are sure to make mealtime fun time while teaching the littluns how to master chopsticks. Just like swimming, the earlier you learn the better.

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Colour bento20160119 26781 1cd52ru Bento Accessories

From adding animal shapes and smiley faces to creating detailed works of art out of rice, salad and sauce, bento accessories add creativity and fun to the kids' bento lunches.

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Origami20160119 26781 tjjoak Japanese Arts and Crafts for Kids

For the most creative and crafty of children, give them hours of fun this Christmas with unique Japanese crafting kits, including exciting origami sets that take you well beyond the paper crane.

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Colour xmas card20160119 26781 15sexz5 Japanese Christmas Cards

Use these greeting cards as a great way to send a cute and original Japanese style message to the little ones this Christmas. The colourful and unique designs are sure to make them stand out above all their other cards and make it impossible for them not to keep even after Christmas.

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