Wrap your gift with furoshiki

Available at £4.99 - Furoshiki Gift Wrap option can be selected for select products only* during checkout.

To have your items gift-wrapped, go through the online checkout process as normal. Once you reach the Order Confirmation page, a furoshiki gift wrap option will appear next to any items for which this service is offered. Simply add furoshiki gift wrap to the items you would like gift-wrapped.

*Colours and designs may vary. 

The Japan Centre is delighted to offer a furoshiki gift wrap service on many of our wonderful gifts, including our Japanese sake range. Simply choose to add furoshiki gift wrap at checkout and we’ll arrange the rest.

As well as being a stylish and unique way to present a gift, furoshiki are environmentally friendly and have multiple uses for the recipient. They are commonly used in Japan to wrap bento boxes, and can also be used as decorations, accessories and even bandanas.

Furoshiki are traditional Japanese fabric wraps that make an elegant and lasting alternative to wrapping paper. Their origin can be traced to the Nara period and to onsen hot springs. Here, bathers wrapped their belongings to keep them safe, a practice which soon spread to merchants and traders to protect their goods.

Today, furoshiki are commonly used to wrap presents for loved ones. Often featuring beautiful designs and provided in a range of materials including silk, nylon and cotton, they can be tied using various different methods to create different shapes.