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Fresh calendar 21 May - 03 Jun

Fresh fish o Classic Box

Katsu curry

Pork Katsu Curry with Pepper Sunomono

Fresh vegi o Veggie Box

6 inari sushi rice meal 450 300

Inari Sushi Rice Filled Fried Tofu Skins with Kitsune Udon

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Fresh calendar 04 Jun - 17 Jun

Fresh fish o Classic Box

2shiokoji marinated pork meal 450 300

Shio Koji Marinated Pork With Japanese Potato Salad And Pickled Plum Rice

Fresh vegi o Veggie Box

4t agedashi tofu 450x300

Agedashi Tofu and Tsuyu Dipping Sauce with Kinoko Mushroom Rice and Yuzu Pickled Turnip

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