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November 2018

December 2018



The Christmas Gift Pinch Pot Workshop

Participants can make a set of two beautiful cups, or even a small soup or cereal bowl, with a choice of smooth finish or decorated with ornate leaves. This workshop covers the fundamental techniques of hand-building clay pottery.


Gingerbread Cookie Decorating Workshop

Join in the fun at one of our free gingerbread cookie decorating workshops with East London baker, Maid of Gingerbread.

Learn how to bring these sweet treats to life and enjoy the festive atmosphere!

Come anytime between 2-3:30pm, decorate at your leisure and bring your delicious masterpieces home!

Japan Centre Ceramics & Sushi 19 Shaftesbury Avenue W1D 7AL


50% Off Delivery on Sake Subscription

Treat yourself to exclusive sake every month by signing up to Japan Centre’s new sake subscription. Save 50% on standard delivery to England, Wales and Parts of Scotland with each order. You'll also have the chance to receive exciting rewards and earn loyalty points when you select the classic sake set.


20% Off Every Third Order on Rice Subscription

At Japan Centre, only sell high quality and well cultivated grains, meaning you will only receive the best of the best with our rice subscription. Receive 20% off the Standard Delivery charge to England, Wales and parts of Scotland, as well as an additional 20% off every 3rd order - this is one service that makes everything a little more efficient and cost effective allowing you to save more money.


30% Off Every Third Order on Tea Subscription

Sign up to Japan Centre Tea Subscription service to have your pick of our delicious and unique Japanese teas. We’ll reward you with a 30% off every 3rd order, so the longer you stay with us - the more money you’ll save. Your teas will also be delivered at 50% off the standard England, Wales and parts of Scotland delivery charge.