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As well as the most well-known udon, soba, and ramen noodles, there is also a wide range of lesser-known Japanese noodles available to buy online at japancentre.com. Here you will find healthy shirataki 'miracle noodles' and harusame potato starch noodles, as well as authentic dried summer somen noodles and Chinese style champon noodles. Be sure to take a look at japancentre.com's Japanese noodles page to find out more about the different varieties of noodles used in Japanese cuisine.

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Malony Harusame, 170 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)
Malony Harusame, 500 g Low in Stock (only 1 available)
Ishibashiya Yam Noodles, 170 g Low in Stock (only 3 available)