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Find inspiration in some of our most popular blogs, discover the world of Japanese sake, food and culture, festivals and some of the most exciting places to visit in Japan from Hokkaido to Fukuoka!

Take a deep dive into Japanese beer in the most popular blog with our top 5 Japanese beer test. Make it interactive and buy the beer from japancentre.com and taste along with us to find your favourite! There's nothing quite like a cold Japanese beer!

Uncover some of Japan's hidden food secrets from finding out about their healthy diets and lifestyle - one of the most nutritious in the world and Japanese superfoods from seaweed to natto that you can add to your diet with our easy to follow step by step cooking videos.

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Read our 45th birthday selection of our favourite blogs, explore the traditions and food behind some of Japan’s national festivals, pick up some travel tips to make the most of your visit and learn about the most delicious cuisine and cultural landmarks you should visit and try.

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Win! A trip to Japan

Enter our competition to win air miles to Tokyo with Japan Airlines, and explore the city with an exclusive tour from InsideJapan Tours. Not only that, we’ll throw in a JR Rail pass to help you get around and a dinner for two in Heddon Yokocho on your return to keep the holiday mood alive.

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Your favourite Japanese Recipes

From perfect Hanami bento and delicious maki roll sushi, to crispy katsu curry and matcha cakes, discover your favourite recipes for every occasion.

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Cook side by side
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Japanese food is not only rich in history but deliciously simple to make.

Cook along with us step by step to create an authentic Japanese culinary experience at home and with our quick and easy tutorial videos, you’ll be an expert in no time.

Discover how to cook everything from the basics including rice and miso soup all the way to hoso maki sushi and donburi. Creating all your Japanese street food favourites has never been easier!

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Sanshoku Dango
How To Make Sanshoku Dango
How To Cook Rice
Dashi Stock
How To Make Japanese Dashi Stock
Miso soup
Misoshiru | How To Make Miso Soup With Daikon & Abura-Age
Tamago Toji Udon
How To Make Tamago Toji Udon (Egg Drop Noodle Soup)
Onigiri Bento
How To Make a Delicious Onigiri Bento Lunch Box
How To Make Okonomiyaki (Savoury Japanese Pancakes)
Temari sushi
How To Make Kyoto Style Temari Sushi
Rainbow Maki Sushi
How To Make Rainbow Maki Sushi
Hoso Maki Sushi
How To Make Hoso Maki Sushi
Ura Maki Sushi
How To Make Ura Maki Sushi
Beef Sukiyaki
How To Make Japanese Beef Sukiyaki
Shabu Shabu
How To Make Japanese Shabu Shabu
Chicken Kara-Age
How To Make Chicken Kara-Age
Pork Belly Okonomiyaki Pancakes
How to Make Pork Belly Okonomiyaki Pancakes
Gyoza Dumplings
How to Make Gyoza Dumplings
Crab Cream Korokke
How to Make Crab Cream Korokke
Tak Tokumine

Arriving in 1976 with a
suitcase of Japanese books

Meet our founder Tak Tokumine

Arriving in the UK in 1976, Tak Tokumine has transformed the Japanese food & dining scene in London. From a small bookstore on Warwick Street, to a chain of authentic ramen bars, and Japanese food halls, read on to discover how he created the Japan Centre that we know today.

Discover Tak’s story