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Our Japan Centre food halls in London and online store have over 3,000 unique food, drink and lifestyle products, from hand made Japanese shokupan bread to freshly prepared noodles and soul food to shelves bursting with authentic Japanese cooking essentials.

You can taste the most authentic Hakata tonkotsu ramen without leaving the country by visiting one of our Shoryu Ramen bars across London, Manchester & Oxford.

Take a trip to the bright lights, delicious smells and lively atmosphere of 1970’s Tokyo with our new retro ramen bar Heddon Yokocho, a celebration of all of Japan’s regional ramen just off Regent Street.

Our DIY Kits are perfect for an at home Japanese dining experience, learn how to cook like a ramen boss, master the art of sushi making,and bake matcha cookies and take a crash course in Japan’s national drink with our sake flight.

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Japan Centre
Japan Centre

Japan Centre is the largest and most influential Japanese food hall in Europe offering authentic Japanese groceries, fresh soul food, bakery, gifts and lifestyle through its retail sites in Westfield London, Westfield Stratford City and its flagship store in Leicester Square.

Our online store offers over 3,000 authentic products from noodles and rice to sake and matcha for delivery across the UK and Europe. In 2021 we launched Japan Centre DIY kits with UK wide delivery so people can master the art of sushi, discover sake and bake Japanese cookies at home.

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Located in Westfield London, Europe’s largest Japanese food hall Japan Centre Ichiba brings you the best artisanal food, drink, homeware and gifts from Japan. Ichiba has theatrical open kitchens that allow customers to see behind the scenes, see how authentic Japanese food is created at our gyoza bar, watch sushi masters at work at the fresh fish and meat counter and see the ramen bosses prep the perfect bowl at the open kitchen.

Can’t make it to store, Ichiba Online Marketplace is our new Japanese grocery service delivering Ichiba groceries, freshly prepared soul food, curries & noodles for delivery across London.

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Inspired by his love for tonkotsu ramen growing up in Hakata, Shoryu Ramen was Tak Tokumine’s wish to be able to share the food of his hometown with the British public. Shoryu means ‘rising dragon’, after the difficulty of getting products out of Japan after the tsunami disaster of 2011, Shoryu became a new lifeline for the business. The Shoryu rising dragon represents our wish for rising fortune into the future.

Shoryu Regent Street was the very first Shoryu to open in London. Over the years due to our customers we now have 11 ramen bars across London Oxford and Manchester too. Reaching even more customers, Shoryu Ramen DIY Kits can be sent anywhere within the UK for that at-home experience.

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Heddon Yokocho
Heddon Yokocho

Heddon Yokocho celebrates Japanese regional ramen cuisine from the northern island of Hokkaido to the tropical south of Kyushu. Are you more a miso broth fan or shio salt addict? Is the hosomen straight noodle your thing or are you more of a chijire wave kind of ramen slurper? Heddon Yokosho has a ramen for every mood and every taste, vegans included.

The downtown retro ramen bar will transport you to the nostalgic bright lights and lively ‘yokocho’ alleyways of the Showa era Tokyo on Heddon Street.

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Did you know?

Our most recent addition to Tak’s specialist vision is Heddon Yokocho. Opening in 2020 this downtown retro style ramen bar celebrates all there is to know and love about regional Japanese ramen cuisine from north to south. With nostalgic neon lights, lanterns and a lively atmosphere you will be transported to the bustling alleyways or ‘yokochos’ of Tokyo - a place like no other to slurp your favourite ramen. Have you tried it yet?

Saving trees!

Since 2019, Japan Centre has saved over 200 trees from being cut down as we moved to more sustainable packaging and using recyabled paper wrap to pack our boxes.

Lockdown cravings

Our DIY kits have been an absolute hit. In the last 12 months they have been featured in lots of newspapers & magazines from Timeout to Cosmopolitan & we’ve just won an Online Retailer Award in the ' Food and drinks’ Category for our successful launch of our DIY ramen kits! Thank you everyone!

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Enter our competition to win air miles to Tokyo with Japan Airlines, and explore the city with an exclusive tour from InsideJapan Tours. Not only that, we’ll throw in a JR Rail pass to help you get around and a dinner for two in Heddon Yokocho on your return to keep the holiday mood alive.

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