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Japan Centre is proud to be among an elite selection of online retailers who have been awarded with Google's Certified Shop status, you can now shop in confidence knowing that we'll always aim to offer you reliable dispatch, exceptional customer service, high quality products and airtight security.

Inside Japan Centre - BLOG -

All you need to know about Japan Centre Panton Street
For 40 years, we have been London’s favourite Japanese food hall, that’s why we’re excited to announce our […]
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Master Japanese onomatopoeia with these 15 examples
Onomatopoeia are words that represent sounds. In the English language, these words include ‘pop,’ ‘bang,’ ‘cuckoo,’ ‘woof,’ ‘meow,’ […]
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Sake secrets at the Gekkeikan brewery
In February 2017, Sakagura London bar manager Zdenek Zemen and Kinu Yukawa from Japan Centre took  2016/2017 Gekkeikan […]
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