Yakiniku Japanese Barbecue


Simple, yet awesomely delicious Yakiniku Japanese Barbecue can hold its own against the British banger in any battle of the barbecues! Gather around a table with a small barbecue grill in the centre and cook a selection of tender meat and vegetables right at the table.
Like many other Japanese party foods, this is a great way to spend a few hours with good friends, good food and plenty of Japanese beer!

Any types of meat and vegetables can be used for yakiniku and the sauce can be modified to your own tastes too so be sure to experiment and find your favourite ingredients.

You can buy sliced meat from the Japan Centre Regent Street shop, and now even online for collection at our North Acton shop.

Group 2 people  Time 20 minutes  Hourglass 30 minutes  Money_pound splurge


How to prepare

Tips and information

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