Yaki Onigiri Grilled Rice Balls


Onigiri or rice balls are a traditional and popular Japanese snack that you may have already seen in your favourite manga, anime or drama. Onigiri come in different shapes, with different fillings and can sometimes also be called nigiri or omusubi. In Japan, you can find a variety of onigiri in convenience stores and supermarkets wrapped in nori seaweed and usually filled with tasty ingredients such as salmon, tuna mayo, Japanese umeboshi pickled plum and many others. The roots of onigiri go back to the early stages of Japanese history where simple ingredients were combined with rice to make a quick meal. Many Japanese people consider onigiri a comfort food, something that mum used to prepare for a bento lunchbox.
Yaki onigiri or grilled rice balls are simply grilled with various Japanese sauces to make a delicious type of onigiri with crispy rice on the outside and soft, fluffy rice on the inside. This recipe will explain how to simply prepare your own yaki onigiri rice balls easily at home!

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