Turkey Sushi Roll


Leftover turkey sandwiches? Too boring… Leftover turkey pie, takes too long… How about leftover turkey soup? Hmm, not filling enough!
Introducing the best way to use up your leftover turkey – Turkey Sushi Rolls!

Every year, it is inevitable that a rather large amount of turkey will be left over. There are many ways to use it up, but we think making it into a delicious and healthy sushi roll is one of the best!

Sushi rolls, or Makizushi in Japanese, is the quintessential type of sushi that is most familiar outside of Japan. Sushi rolls are popularly made with tuna, salmon, prawns or avocado, but non traditional ingredients such as chicken teriyaki have become more common in recent years. Makizushi is wrapped up in nori seaweed, or can be made inside out with the rice on the outside like out recipe here. Creating these turkey sushi rolls is great fun for everyone in the family, and also a cheap and easy addition to your bento lunchbox!

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  • 2346e54fa105748dbe6e43dbc3275812
    nuala3d Dec 15, 2012

    What does the man use in the video to put the roll on?

    What I mean is:

    When he puts the rice on the nori, he then flips it on top of a towel type thing? what is this?

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