Spicy Ramen Noodles


Ramen, who hasn’t heard of these delicious and hugely popular noodles? Ramen are a staple noodle in Japanese cuisine and are especially beloved by students who are guaranteed to have at least one pack of instant ramen noodles in their cupboard! Ramen is such big business that there are museums dedicated to this humble noodle in Yokohama & Osaka!

Originally from China, Japan has taken ramen its heart with an endless number of variations and regional flavours. This week we’ve mixed Japanese and Korean flavours together to create a fiery hot ramen recipe for you. Using Korean chilli paste called gochujang and quality restaurant-style ramen from Hiroshima, this ramen recipe will blow your socks off! An easy beginner ramen recipe and particularly tasty when you add plenty of authentic Japanese toppings.

Group 1 person  Time 10 minutes  Hourglass 5 minutes  Money_pound save


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